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When you look at the iTunes Store page for your podcast you see the podcast image (if there is one) you have referenced in your feed file. However, when you subscribe to a podcast and select an episode in List view you don't see an image, though in the new My Podcasts view the image from the feed does appear (right).

This is because the display in List is for 'cover art' belonging to the individual episode rather than the entire podcast. The artwork for this is embedded in the audio file rather than referenced in the feed file.

To embed an image in an audio file: having created an image (ideally 600x600):
If yours is an 'enhanced' podcast - e.g. m4a with chapters and an image for each chapter - then the image for the first chapter will show when you start playing episode.

In iTunes v10 and earlier when you subscribe to a podcast with a different image embedded in each episodes, the image in the latest episode is the one which appears in album view, grid view and in the top section in coverflow view - either the first Chapter image, or an additionally embedded image if there is one. In iTunes 11/12 there is no Cover Flow and the image does not appear in List view until you start playing the episode. In the new My Podcasts view the image from the feed appears alongside the name of the podcast.

Note that in the iOS Podcasts app the embedded or chapter images (and images referenced in the 'itunes:image' tags within individual episodes) do not show. (It's been reported that the images from these tags do appear in the latest version - I'm not able to check this.)

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