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iCloud - Pertinent Questions


Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.x) and earlier systems are not compatible with iCloud: Lion 10.7.5 is the minimum requirement, Yosemite recommended.

You cannot create an iCloud account on Snow Leopard or earlier. If you have opened an iCloud account on a Lion or above Mac or an iOS5 or above device this will be the situation on Snow Leopard:
(Macs running Tiger can access Mail but will not be able to sync the other data.)

There are a couple of alternative syncing services you might like to consider, though they're not particularly cheap:

Soho Organizer can sync Calendars and Contacts with iCloud on Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion. A single user licence (multiple machines allowed) is $99.99. Fruux syncs Calendars, Tasks and Contacts between a wide variety of devices (not using the iCloud server) including Snow Leopard and above, Windows Outlook and Thunderbird, Linux Thunderbird, and iOS and Android devices - see their compatibility chart (click the blue 'i' for a caveat about Snow Leopard). It's free for one user, two shares, two devices; above that pricing starts at €4 per month.

(I have no connection with these firms. I am using Fruux and it works well on Snow Leopard; I've not used Soho Organizer but it has had good reviews.)

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